WOW Service is a must right now

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WOW Service is a must right now

Today more than ever, WOW CUSTOMER SERVICE must be delivered — we are not only competing with our hotel set for the one traveler, we are in survival mode. SHARP, ENGAGED AGENTS/SALES PEOPLE ARE A MUST.

Below are some tips from one of my training sessions with a hotel that was struggling to get their front desk agents to understand how critical this is, not just now but at all times. Guests have many choices and it is the service they receive that will get them through the door and keep them coming back.

Leave your problems at the door

When you step into that front desk area, look professional, have your name tag on, smile, and be approachable

Make eye contact and use your active listening skills(see our previous blog). Give them your full attention and use Please/Thank You – not sure, no problem, you bet….

This article by Rupesh Patel has some other great tips for surprising and delighting your guests.

What do you do to provide WOW service and make the guest feel like they are a VIP?