Raising Skills for Top Line Success

“Positive first impressions are vital. HSN’s skills help us maintain a highly skilled first impression for our travelers.” 

Tom Patton – General Manager / Partner
Ramada Santa Barbara

We are experiencing more revenue conversions as a result of the HSN skills training and delivery. In addition, we are able to acknowledge our selling people at each hotel which, of course, makes us work even harder to retain those staff members. Thank you, HSN, for all your diligent work in training the HSN selling skills!

Nigel P Duffett, CHA – Marketing & Operations Director
Premier Hotel Corporation

Thank you for being our partner for this year. Please feel free to use me as a reference in the future. I think your program is among the best in training and follow up.

Margaret Vita – Regional Director of Operations
Hospitality Ventures Management Group

I really appreciate the outstanding service and training you and your company has provided to us over the years!

Michael Buta – Vice President of Operations
Magnolia Lodging

Our professionalism and conversions have gone up with HSN skills; I quickly notice when my agents’ aren’t following the HSN skills process because their conversions go down.

Joanna Sansom – Director of Revenue
Visionary Destin

Strand Development Company, Myrtle Beach SC, delivers “HSN Trainer’s Training”. All attendees passed at 100%!

Tammy Hart – VP of Sales and Marketing
Strand Development Company

When asked how he was able to achieve excellent RESULTS at his point-of-sale quickly, the GM of the Fairfield Inn Elizabeth City, NC, Charles responded: 1.Hire the right staff and train them correctly and encourage them to be the best. Post the shop call scores. Review the positive and negatives of the calls. 2. Reward them for getting 100% calls and 3. LEAD BY EXAMPLE!!!!!!

Charles Diliello – General Manager
Fairfield Inn Elizabeth City, NC

“Recently I have been able to show my staff the difference their efforts make in revenue which seems to be the best motivator. I can tell by looking at their shop call scores. If they are making an effort on their shop calls then they are also making an effort on the other calls. On months when their scores are low, I see lower revenue. When they start bringing their scores up they are trying harder on all of their calls and our revenue is higher.”

Kimberly Conley – General Manager
BW Cascade Inn & Suites, OR

When asked how he managed the Agents’ skills at his front desk to a significantly higher level, Jason responded: “I make it important. I make it important EVERY day. I make it important EVERY shift, EVERY Agent. “Making it important” is one thing I heard from the HSN management training that really stuck with me; after all, if it isn’t important to me, it certainly will not be important to my Sales Agents.”

Jason Hunter – General Manager
Days Inn Klamath Falls, OR

When asked how he has managed to be so successful on a regular basis, Jed responded: “I think the fact that management took an overtly serious attempt at changing the culture was the first step. Bringing in the owner of HSN for a formal training was the first step to showing them we mean business. The second step was making the shopping calls something that we talk about on a daily basis. Last but not least I made the staff sign a consent form stating that they realize selling the hotel is a very important part of there job and we expect that they take it seriously. The culture has been setup properly and now it is the goal of management to keep that culture going. I am always pleased when I receive a text message from one of the agents that says only “100%.” They are excited about the job they are doing and we are happy that they are so successful.”

Jedidiah Bickel – Assistant General Manager
Ramada Limited Santa Barbara, CA

Earlier this year we were one of the worst hotels in our company. In April we decided to be the best hotel and HSN was the first small step to becoming that. I have always felt that competition was the best way to draw the best out of team members for this kind of exercise. They had buy in for that concept so we made a friendly wager with the #1 HSN hotel in our company. Putting the time in on the front end is why they are so good at this now.”

Andy Briggs – General Manager
Hampton Inn Statesville, NC

Our success in the HSN program is due to my Front Office Manager, Michelle, being so positive and supportive of this program and having a great staff. I also offer incentives for 100% scores and we hold contests each quarter. I make a huge deal out of the shop calls, giving endless praise and thank you for anything 65% and above. Thank you for your support on this program!

Julie Ovard – General Manager
Best Western Landmark Inn Park City, UT

Following a presentation at Pueblo Community College in Pueblo Co by Janis Mitchell: “I heard great things, ‘ well presented’ ‘great information’, Great PRESENTER!!!!

Juanita Fuentes – Director of Continuing Education
Pueblo Community College Pueblo, CO

HSN’s shoppers have realistic scenarios. They continue to have patience and not be pushy about just getting a rate. They allow our agents to “work” the program.

Katie Suchodolski – Assistant General Manager
Windmill Inn St. Phillip’s Plaza Tucson, AZ

We have enjoyed our relationship with HSN. They have proven their system is effective and have increased our conversion on calls to booked rooms. We capture far more sales on the phone than we ever did before we started using HSN. Our desk agents have also noticed this and are able to convert more calls to reservations. Our agents get very excited when they capture revenue and are eager to share this with their management team and their peers.

Joe Maddux – Director of Operations
Westlodge Hospitality Inc.

I am very pleased with the entire (HSN) program. This is one of the best things that we’ve done as far as developing a professional front line staff and presenting our hotel in a polished manner. I believe the staff is excited and challenged by the program. I have seen all of the team members practicing and reviewing shop reports, so clearly it has an impact on all of them. Thank you for your support and encouragement”!

Ms. Carol Bausch, Owner
Best Western Columbia River Inn Cascade Locks, OR

“I like recommending the Hotel Shopping Network; Janis brings her education, and hotel sales abilities into one dimension. She understands my business.”

Ms. Janie Wiltshire, Hospitality Sales Trainer
Due West Company

The shops have not only helped increase revenue – we are experiencing increased guest services from our front office sales agents since implementing The Hotel Shopping Network formula “

Mr. Buggsi Patel
Buggsi Hospitality Group

Since starting with HSN secret phone shops, I have noticed that my agents are taking more time with their phone sales. After receiving their scores they are proud to see them on the HSN board we have created. I am amazed that the HSN callers vary so much that it would be hard for my agents to recognize them. This is a good program and I have decided to extend my participation and also continue to get the audios.

Jessica K. Rubalcava, General Manager
Howard Johnson San Diego, CA

“I definitely agree with everything the article (sent to us by HSN) says. We will share this (customer service information) at our next front desk meeting.”

Tom Patton, Front Office Manager 
Ramada Santa Barbarra, CA