Spotlighting HSN Excellence

Raising Skills for Top Line Success

Spotlighting HSN Excellence

Many years ago Tom Peters wrote a book In Search of Excellence about corporations in the United States who were delivering exceptional work to their customers. As I look through our HSN hotels, throughout the United States, I see excellence in many forms. Because my focus with HSN has been the first impression and selling skills — I am proud to say, we have some excellent work being delivered by many individuals.

My first spotlight of excellence is Sandi at Treasure Bay Resort & Marina in Treasure Island, FL.

Sandi was a school teacher previously and has worked at the Treasure Bay Resort & Marina for two and a half years now as Front Desk/Guest Services Agent. I chose Sandi as my first interview because Sandi delivers her skills at a very high level but, too, she standardizes her work so every call-in is handled with professionalism and quality.

Some questions/answers in our interview are below:

HSN: In the overall importance of your job, where do you see HSN skills?

SANDI:I rank HSN skills very high.

One of my primary jobs is revenue generation for the hotel. The CSI (HSN’s proprietary customer information sheet) keeps me in a process that offers quality interaction between the guest and me.”

HSN: How do you manage to standardize your skills through every revenue call-in?

SANDI:Practice helps me standardize my HSN work.

I found it a little tricky to learn a computer system AND to talk to customers. BUT with practice, and I do believe ‘Practice Makes Perfect,’ I achieved standardization in my work for our revenue call-ins.”

HSN: What is your overall motivation to work at high skills levels?

SANDI: “Any job I do, I do as well as I can. This is the way I was raised. I like my job, my guests, my town. I realize my skilled work with prospective customers, when they call in, helps us all have our jobs.”

HSN: Because you also train new Agents in the HSN skills, what are some tips you can offer other trainers in our customer base?

SANDI: “In training HSN skills, I have a new Agent listen to me answer telephones for the first few days. Then we role-play the HSN skills.

I feel role-play is a big part of the Agent gaining proficiencies

with me before beginning their work for our customers.”

Sandi contributes not only an excellent first impression for those calling her hotel, but also feels a responsibility to book as much business as she can as she knows occupancy drives jobs. Give Sandi a big round of applause for excellence in HSN skills!