Spotlighting HSN Excellence

Raising Skills for Top Line Success

Spotlighting HSN Excellence

I had the privilege of interviewing Mackenzie with the Embassy Suites Lubbock, Texas, hotel. I say privilege because it is such a pleasure to speak with someone so dedicated to excellent skills in her HSN work and her life’s work.

Mackenzie and Alyssa with Michael, AGM

Mackenzie was selected to be spotlighted by her supervisor, Michael; Michael is responsible for everyone at his front desk working HSN skills at extreme levels of excellence. His staff has had 99% OVERALL in the past — so his people are on fire!

Mackenzie tells me she has worked in restaurants and retail before the hotel and stated to me she always wanted to get better at speaking with people. She has a degree in Psychology and one in Philosophy.

HSN Question: In the overall importance of your job, where do you see HSN skills?

MACKENZIE: “I consider HSN skills to be very important because I care,” Mackenzie told me. “Because this is a fast-paced industry,” she told me, “it is important to be able to prioritize, practice skills, and sell something unseen by the caller.” She stated it is important to sound excited in these telephone interactions. She shared that Initially she brought a lot of anxiety to the telephone as it felt like a “test,” but she further states she’s succeeded through more practice, thus made the HSN skills organic to the conversation with the guest.

HSN Question: How do you manage to standardize your HSN skills call to call?

MACKENZIE: “I consider myself a part of their stay,” Mackenzie tell us. She said she recognizes that the good experiences of people coming in via telephone or to see a room hinges on her abilities to personalize the experience from the first moment on the telephone or in person.  She further said she wants them to know she is equipped/trained to help them out and make their stay positive.

HSN Question: What is your overall motivation to work at high skills levels?

MACKENZIE: Mackenzie told us her classes in college helped her standardize her behavior and to continually grow by becoming a better version of herself moment to moment.  She, too, realized, early on, that skills are integral to a well-lived life.

Mackenzie, Taylor, Tiffany, Christine, Alyssa, Kayvasha and Jimmy

HSN Question: Because you train new Agents in the HSN skills, what are some tips you can offer other trainers in our HSN customer base?

MACKENZIE: She shared one piece of advise she tells her new agents is to treat all call-in potential guests the same; don’t be anxious; make it conversational. When asked about role-play when training a new agent, Mackenzie told us — “Role-play makes me think of when I took Jujitsu classes. The purpose of repeating an action/activity is to give yourself a mental place to go in order to deal with the situation and know you are prepared.” Mackenzie always assured the new agent that role-play will make him/her more comfortable with the interaction.

I asked how the guests calling in respond to her in-take of a reservation and she told me, “They remember my name. They open up to me and give me the ability to have a personal interaction with them over the telephone. I am able to convey ‘I care’ and they respond to that.”

Thank you, Mackenzie, for excellent contributions to your hotel, Embassy Suites Lubbock, Texas, your co-workers, and to your own self-enhancing work around building skills and skill sets for life.

— Interviewer, Janis Mitchell