Personal Connection Wins and Keeps Customers

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Richard Shapiro’s article, 10 Tips for Making Customers Feel Welcome, is easily relatable to the hotel business.  A hotel is a guest’s “home away from home” and creating that ambiance begins from their first phone call.  Whether it is a Front Desk Agent or a Sales Manager, your staff’s responsibility is making the customer feel taken care of, a sense of being “at home”.

Taking time to learn about the customer can be a challenge for a hectic Front Desk Agent or a bottom-line oriented Sales Manager.


But our business is “hospitality”. It is ensuring this particular guest receives attention for their own particular needs.

By genuinely connecting with the customer, your staff accomplishes the ultimate goal – giving customers a great experience, and, making your hotel a success.  Click below to read the full article.

10 Tips for Making Customers Feel Welcome