Media Hype or Doomsday Scenario?

Raising Skills for Top Line Success

Media Hype or Doomsday Scenario?

Has the Coronavirus affected your business yet?  Have you had cancellations, lower bookings overall?  If you are in a major city then the answer is probably yes. Listening to the news and reading industry articles, it seems pretty alarming.  Now, more than ever, it is so important to have a sales culture at the front desk. Don’t let your front desk agents be “rate quoters”. That extra connection is going to be the difference between the caller booking with you over your competition.

Hoteliers are innovators and proactive problem solvers.  We have some great training tools on the website and you can always reach out to us for free one on one training with you and your staff. Please reach out if we can help in any way.

Below are some articles on how the Coronavirus is effecting the hospitality industry as a whole.

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