100% LaShonta Call


STEP 1, Opening:


(Standard Greeting Setting Pleansant Tone, 18 Points): This is LaShonta. May I help you please?


Yes, LaShonta, I’d like to know what you charge for rooms. We need 60 rooms.


(Set an Agenda, 3 Points): Okay. What I need to do is I need to find out a little more information as far as what your name is and your organizations name and what type of event you are planning in Indianapolis, and I will be more than happy to tell you about our hotel. Okay?


(Caller Acceptance of Agenda Obtained, 2 Points): Okay.


(Ask Caller’s Name & Use Throughout, 2 Points): And, ah, what is your name?


Stephanie Martinez.


Step 2, Probing:


(Obtain Basic Information, 5 Points): Okay, Stephanie. Can you tell me a little bit about your organization?


Yes, we are a Christian church and we will be there for a retreat.


What day of arrival are you looking?

October 2nd.


Just one night?


No, for 4.


The only problem with that is the city is hosting the Circle City Classics which is a football event and we are completely sold out for the 3rd and 4th. Are you coming in for the association of Christian Schools?




Unfortunately I know I will not be able to help you on the 3rd and 4th, but if you are flexible on your dates, possibly we could look at other dates for you.


Would you do that?


Okay, great. What other dates are you looking at? Are you looking at a FSS pattern?


Yes, THFSS, preferably the weekend before that or after.


Before that we are looking at 25-28 and that is the US Grand Prix. Oh, my goodness. The weekend after that, Stephanie, is trade gathering and the weekend after that is a hardware convention. I can tell you the next weekend that would open for us would be the 23, 24, 25, 26. If you are willing to work on this, I would be happy to work on this for you.


Yes, that would be okay.


Right now we are looking at the 23rd through the 26thwhich is check out on Monday; is this correct?




Okay, great. Is this a first time event or is this an annual event?


First time event.


First time. Are you looking for a particular room type – single bedded room or two double beds?


We’re looking for a mixture.


Okay, a mixture. You said 60 rooms – is that for all 4 nights?


Yes. We do need at least 2 handicapped rooms.


Not a problem. What about meeting space, Stephanie? Is there any need for meeting accommodations during your stay?


I don’t think so. Not right now.


(Competition): Are you looking at other hotels?




(Competition – Find Out WHICH Hotels, 5 Points): What other hotels are you looking at?


Is there an Embassy Suites in your area?


Yes, Embassy and Marriott. Okay. Those are very nice hotels in our area.


(Budget, 5 Points): Now is there a budget you’re looking at?


We’re thinking about $85.


What I need to do is I need to place you on hold for one second. Okay?




Thank you so much.


(On hold)


Thanks so much for holding. I am sorry about that. You said you want to stay within the $85 rang?




Any leeway on this? Is this the highest you can go?


No, we’re trying to stay in that general area.


Now on the way you actually set up the room – is it a rooming list or do your people call in for the room?


Each member will call in. I can give you a general list if you need it.


Will they pay their own charges while in the hotel?




Now, Stephanie, are you the main decision maker?


No. I’m not.


Who is?


The pastor.


(Needs Behind The Needs Uncovered, 5 Points): Okay. As far as a meeting planner and as far as your job, is there anything important to you as the meeting planner as far as the hotel and amenities?


We’d like room service or kitchenettes in the room; we need some place close to medical facilities because we have some older people with us. We need plenty of parking. That’s about it.




Oh, we’d like our indoor rooms, indoor corridors.


Is there anything else? You mentioned parking – is there anything else as far as transportation.


Anything else at all that you can think of at this time, Stephanie?


No, I don’t think so.


Step 3, Supporting

(Delay Support Step Until the Caller & Manager Have a Clear, Mutual Understanding of Needs, 5 Points)


(Repeat the Needs Uncovered for Clarity, 5 Points): Okay. Let me read back what I understand your needs to be at this point. I understand we’re looking for Sunday through Thursday pattern, Oct 23-26 of this year, and you’re looking at having 60 rooms all 4 nights – a mixture of king and double-doubles and you need two handicapped rooms. I understand you do not need meeting space and you’re looking for an $85 range.




 This will be a direct call in and each individual will pay their own charges. And as far as what is important to you, Stephanie, you said room service or kitchenettes in all the rooms as well as the hotel being close to medical facilities, plenty of parking, and inside entrances to the guest rooms.  Did I miss anything?


No, I don’t think so.


(Supporting – Telling Targetedly About The Hotel with Rate Quote LAST, 10Points): Okay, great. What I want to touch base on first is we are located in the heart of Indianapolis. Not only do we have one medical facility but we have the Methodist Hospital, Clarion Health Center as well as Methodist Health Center that is about 10 minutes away from us. It is a straight shot. We have over 40 restaurants within a two block radius and we also have several attractions within a block radius. So, you know, having the elderly people here at the hotel we can certainly make sure they are taken care of and they won’t have to go too far to get anywhere.


All right.


As far as the hotel is concerned, we are housed in a historical building that was constructed in 1929 so the rooms are very spacious and they all have a cathedral feeling throughout and the décor is very upscale. It is a very nice Hampton Inn brand. It is very unique in its brand. As far as the mixture of rooms, we do have a large mixture. The majority we have double-doubles, we have 74 out 180 rooms here in the hotel. So we can definitely do 30-30 and make sure we have handicapped rooms in your block as well, Stephanie.




Now as far as room service, or kitchenettes, we do not have kitchens in our guest rooms, we are not really geared for extended stay, but we do have a restaurant that is not actually owner managed but they do lease space from us so you can use your key to enter the side and they also deliver room service from 11:00am – 11:00 pm or when the demand is there. It is really a great addition. It is called Buffalo Wild Wings and is a modestly priced restaurant.


Now, as far as parking goes, we do have plenty of parking spaces here. Our valet parking is $11.00 for either self or valet and it is with unlimited access to the vehicles and it is in very close proximity to where our hotel is. One is located right in between our buildings and there is one about ½ block from our building. So it is very nice and very secure, it is definitely what you are looking for. And all of our guest rooms are entered from the inside they are not exterior like what you are looking for.


(Throughout Support Step Asks Caller’s Acceptance of Features & Benefits Described, 5 Points)Now how does this sound to you?


(Asking for Acceptance): It sounds good.


I know you didn’t mention anything about an amenity package, Stephanie, but I want to take this opportunity while you’re on the telephone to tell you about our amenity package because it is definitely far better than any hotel that offers any type of amenities. We offer an upscale cont breakfast. It is served from 6am – 10am each morning. We offer biscuits and gravy, hot cereals, cold cereals, a mixture of pastries, bagels, muffins, juice, yogurt, fruit, cappuccinos, hard-boiled eggs as well as waffles and French toast. It is a great lay out. It is a value of $7-15 value.


We offer free local phone calls, there is no fee for long distance credit card access and we also have high-speed Internet access, which is complimentary in all our guest rooms. How does that sound?


Sounds good.


Well, great.  As far as anything else that you are looking for, I understood that really and truly there is not anything else as far as transportation or anything else that you are looking for. Is that correct?


Do you guys have a pool at all?


We do not have a pool at the hotel and we are housed in a historic building so we couldn’t actually pamper the building inside or outside because it is listed on the historic society register. So it is really a neat thing because it is not your ordinary Hampton Inn. Now, let me look at our availability to make sure we can handle the 60 guest rooms. We do have, Stephanie,  availability; normally our rates run from $119 and up but what I am willing to offer you is a flat rate meaning if it is for one adult or four adults, the rate will not change. (RATE QUOTE at End of Supporting): The rate I am willing to offer you would be a flat rate of $104 for single or double occupancy.


So basically that is per room?


Step 4, Closing


(Transitional Statement, 2 Points): Exactly. It sounds like you will have anywhere from 1-4 people in the room. It is really a great opportunity for you to get the great rate and have the amenity package that I have specified. I know you said $85 but if you add on the amenities package, the total package that is from $15 or $20, that is right at the $85 rate. So you take that into consideration.


(ASK FOR THE SALE, 7 Points)):So, can I hold these rooms for you?


(Objection from Caller) : I need to check with the pastor. He is the one that makes the decision.


(Objection Statements/Work, 5 Points)): Is there anything else that would be prohibiting you from booking or anything that does not sound good to you or maybe more information I need to provide to you?


Not to me personally, no. No, I just need to give him a rundown on this and call the two other places.


Well, tell me this, (Ask For the Sale a Second Time, 3 Points)): would it be helpful if we hold this block of rooms on a proposal status and get that to you so you could actually have that information at hand so you can give that to him to read over all the information we have discussed?


Yeah, that would be fine. Can you hold that for about a week?


Sure, that would not be a problem, Stephanie, and really all that does is hold the block of rooms, and you have a week. Today is the 19th, so what I can do is I can hold up until the 26th which is Monday of next week and then I can call you around 10:00 am and then I can confirm everything with you and see if you want to turn everything into contract format and basically it is not obligating you to anything at this point. We are just holding them. We do not have to have a form of payment or anything like that.


(Repeat What Is Held and Additional Information, 4 Points) So we will be holding 60 rooms, a mixture of king and double-double rooms, and two handicapped rooms on October 23rd, which is Thursday, checking out on Monday, October 27th. Is that correct?




 It will be pay own charges and guests will call in direct. Now how will they actually associate themselves with the rooms? Will they be the Christian Church?


Our name is Mountain View Christian Church so they will probably call and say they are . . .


Alright. Can I get some additional information from you so I can go ahead and get this set up for you, the proposal?




What is your mailing address?


1521 N 16th Street.




Asheville, North Carolina. 






And a telephone number?




Alright. Do you have access to a fax machine?


Uh-huh. 828.491.1789.


(Next Step, 4 Points) Okay. Wonderful. I will get this information to you together for you and then I will get it faxed over and will follow up with you on Monday the 26th of May around 10:00. Does that sound good?


Sounds good.


(Close Using Caller’s Name, 2 Points): Well, thank you so much for your time, Stephanie.


Thank you.