Even the “Regulars” Need Excellent Customer Service

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Even the “Regulars” Need Excellent Customer Service

Our first impression for call-ins and walk-ins is so important for setting the table for delivery of excellent customer service. I have had a discussion with a General Manager and an Assistant General Manager this week on this very topic and wanted to share this information with you.


Deliver the 4 steps of sales and service EVEN to the “regular customers” who stay with us.


Change it a little — instead of:

Have you stayed with us before? … How was your last stay with us?

Business or Leisure? … Still coming in for business reasons?

Instead of room type questions … Still want a king overlooking the pool?


DO tell them something about what’s going on.

WEATHER is great thing to mention.

Any new items on the buffet, any new restaurants/attractions opening in the area.

Any new or upgraded (within the last 3 months) amenities..

ALWAYS ask for the sale — they have called us, of course, and they have stated they need a room — ask for their business in closing regardless — this places a great customer service spin to the ending of the call and verifies YOU KNOW the caller is in charge of his/her hotel selection — and it doesn’t have to be our hotel. Also, by doing so, we are re-enforcing our appreciation of them selecting us for their lodging needs.

YOU are the one to make the difference and to show appreciation to our regular guests. Reaching out, offering conversation, always pays off in “we care” messaging.


Janis Mitchell / President HSN