Raising Skills for Top Line Success

The Importance of Order in a Process

When a potential guest calls your hotel, Front Desk Agents will be more successful booking the room if they follow an order.  The guest wants to know how your hotel will be better for their trip.  Agents should be personable, conversational, and most important, inquiring. If potential customers don’t know about a service, they can’t…
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Why We Lose Group Business

Hotel sales people are supposed to close business not lose it, right? After 20 years in the mystery shopping business for hotel sales people, I can offer some insight into why we sometimes lose business:   1.  RETURNING PHONE CALLS (emails) IN A TIMELY MANNER: The key word here is “timely”. A group sales call-back…
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Even the “Regulars” Need Excellent Customer Service

Our first impression for call-ins and walk-ins is so important for setting the table for delivery of excellent customer service. I have had a discussion with a General Manager and an Assistant General Manager this week on this very topic and wanted to share this information with you.   Deliver the 4 steps of sales…
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How to Handle the Unusual…I’m FULL on Those Dates. Now What?!

When a client calls and the hotel is full on the dates the caller requested.  Now What?  Listen to this portion of a call to see!

Hotel Mystery Shopping Service

The 4 “Magical” Steps of Sales and Service

It never hurts to return to basics and review the four steps of sales & service. These four magical steps are applicable not only at your points-of-sale (front office and sales department) but also as you talk with the customer.  These 4 steps are quite versatile in every scenario concerning you and your customers. Skills…
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