Raising Skills for Top Line Success

WOW Service is a must right now

Today more than ever, WOW CUSTOMER SERVICE must be delivered — we are not only competing with our hotel set for the one traveler, we are in survival mode. SHARP, ENGAGED AGENTS/SALES PEOPLE ARE A MUST. Below are some tips from one of my training sessions with a hotel that was struggling to get their front…
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Media Hype or Doomsday Scenario?

Has the Coronavirus affected your business yet?  Have you had cancellations, lower bookings overall?  If you are in a major city then the answer is probably yes. Listening to the news and reading industry articles, it seems pretty alarming.  Now, more than ever, it is so important to have a sales culture at the front desk.…
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Hospitality Trends for 2020

The only thing certain in the hotel industry is that it is constantly changing.  With a new year and a new decade arriving, many of us are looking at the hotel trends that will impact our way of doing business in the upcoming months.  What trends have you noticed or read about for 2020?  How…
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What brings you to the area?

In a reservation call you have 6 seconds to make the caller feel “welcome” and a very short time to make a connection.  We all know how important it is to speak clearly and smile when we answer the phone.  This lets the caller know that we are glad that they called.  Making a connection…
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Hospitality People Rock!

I don’t know if you have ever visited Rupesh Patel’s website but if you haven’t you really should. He has some great items, tips, and articles on there. Not too long ago he had a blog post all about how resilient hospitality people are. And we are, aren’t we? It isn’t always the easiest…
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Recognizing Our Essential Employees

Sometimes as managers we get involved in the day to day issues and forget to make sure our employees know that we couldn’t do it without them. Shep Hyken has a great article reminding us to “Give Recognition Where Recognition is Due”

Using Gamification to Train and Engage Employees

I came across this article in and found it interesting.  Evan Grosman says “Playful learning tools can create a more enjoyable workplace and help employees pay more attention to details and retain important information. Adding rewards or a competition to the equation only enhances participation. On our website we have examples of bulletin boards…
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Four Ways to Improve Customer Service

This is a blog by Seth Godin that I found and inserted some “hospitality” ideas into — My ideas are in green. What are yours??? Insertions by Janis Mitchell, HSN 1, Delegate it to your customers. Let them give feedback, good and bad, early and often. By asking for feedback from our customers, be it…
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Show your customers you care

Here is a great article by Chip R Bell. How do your customers know you really, really care

The Importance of Consistency by Harvey Mackay

In his article “The Importance of Consistency”, Harvey Mackay stresses how inconsistencies in business can lead to a loss of reputation and decrease in business. Mackay states that “In any business, customers expect the same standards. The last thing people want is to be surprised — they want predictability. Let’s face it — we live in…
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