Spotlighting HSN Excellence

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Many years ago Tom Peters wrote a book In Search of Excellence about corporations in the United States who were delivering exceptional work to their customers. As I look through our HSN hotels, throughout the United States, I see excellence … Continued

Telephone Etiquette: Call Transfers

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Series of Telephone Etiquette Opportunities in a Hotel that Impacting a Hotel’s Customer Service Level   If you’re wondering what “telephone etiquette” could be, you’re not alone! Because etiquette in general is not discussed that much, telephone etiquette is right … Continued

Kindness is the Key

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  Kindness is key, says GM of hotel that is lauded for a positive work environment “Hiring pleasant people and making their jobs enjoyable is the secret to winning acclaim as an employer”, says Jim Bartholomay, general manager of the … Continued

Why We Lose Group Business

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Hotel sales people are supposed to close business not lose it, right? After 20 years in the mystery shopping business for hotel sales people, I can offer some insight into why we sometimes lose business:   1.  RETURNING PHONE CALLS … Continued

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