Hotel Mystery Shopping and Sales / Customer Service Training


About the Hotel Shopping Network™

The Hotel Shopping Network™ was formed in 1994 by Janis Mitchell, a hotelier with over 28 years in the hospitality industry. Janis saw the importance of the points-of-sale from her sales and marketing background, and she regularly mystery shopped her own corporate assigned hotels.
HSN’s unique focus provides a hotel/resort mystery shopping format that (1) Measures a Sales Agent on the 100% scale and (2) Provides coaching remarks that are custom to each individual call. Knowing how limited coaching and supervising time is at the hotel/resort level, the shop’s format provides a quick read of scoring (the scale) and written coaching from HSN directly to the Sales Agents. HSN’s shop format coaches when supervisory coaching is not available.



downloadIn addition, HSN provides on-site hotel/resort sales and customer service training to trainers and front line points-of-sale agents. The training sessions are four hours per visit and provide training toward the practical usage of the four steps of sales – opening, probing, supporting and closing. Various hotel/resort scenarios are worked through in the training so all Sales Agents are comfortable with how to implement the program skill sets immediately with REVENUE CAPTURING RESULTS.
If HSN customers prefer to conduct their own in-house training, the HSN staff supports this direction with training materials, over-the-telephone trainer coaching, and “after the shop coaching” to the Sales Agent. HSN’s research shows that on the spot, one-minute-management of the program produces the best results.


Mystery Shopping

Increase-revenueHSN provides hotel/resort front office and sales department mystery shopping. The number of shop calls in a month desired by the hotel/resort is established. The hotel/resort management also establishes the number of calls to be made to the A shift, the B shift, and the C shift of their hotel/resort front desk. Those calls then are placed systematically throughout the month to different agents. HSN then relays the information to the hotel/resort’s management via email.
HSN also provides onsite, in-person mobil based mystery shops. The number of onsite visits can be done monthly or quarterly as desired by the hotel/resort. HSN then relays the information to the hotel/resort’s management via email. The information can include a detailed scoring report, written transcription of the shop and pictures.
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