100% Sales Call


STEP 1, Opening:


(Standard Greeting Setting Pleansant Tone, 18 Points): Good afternoon Group Sales this is Brandy, how may I help you?


Hi, I was wanting to find out about some rooms for my family.


Okay. Let me grab a piece of paper and I will get some information from you.

First off can I ask you your name so I can address you properly?


(Ask Callerís Name & Use Throughout, 2 Points):

Helen Haines


Iím sorry Helen, what did you say your last name was?








(Set an Agenda, 3 Points): Helen, if itís okay with you I just need to take few moments of your time so I can better understand your needs.  Then I can let you know what our hotel can offer in light of those needs.


(Caller Acceptance of Agenda Obtained, 2 Points): Thank you



Step 2, Probing:


(Obtain Basic Information, 5 Points): Helen, what kind of group are you looking to book at the hotel?


Itís a family.  What we wanted to do is get together for Thanksgiving.  My daughter is leaving for the Peace Corp for 2 years and this would be kind of the last time we could all get together.  My parents live out near Lafayette so we are looking at some place fairly central.


You said it would be over Thanksgiving, you guys were interested in.


It would be. We were looking at the 22nd, 23rd and 24th.


November 22, 23 and 24.  Did you know how many rooms you were looking for, Helen?


I can give you an approximate; Iím not quite sure, 12-15.  It depends on the farther reaching parts of the family whether or not they come in.


For the 12-15 rooms did you know if were looking for smoking or non?


I am going to say non. I suspect if they call in and decide they want something different they will ask for it.


Did you have an idea of what kind of rooms you were looking for, like kings or 2 doubles or a variety?


I think a variety.   My sister and I were thinking that maybe if you had suites that we could put the folks and maybe one other family in a suite or bigger room and thatís were we could hang out and gather.  Itís not very formal but we're pretty of close.


Letís see here, did you need meeting space or food and beverage?  I know you said you were kind of looking for some place to gather.


I donít think so.  I think what we would like to have is some information on local restaurants and thing like that where we would go out.  I donít know if having an actual meeting room would be of necessity.  Like I said we are pretty casual and if there was a place, a room that was bigger or even a public room, I donít know I might be interested in know what you have for one time, I donít know.  I honestly donít have enough of the answers.


Thatís not a problem.  Helen, did you know if any of your guests might have special needs or transportation needs.


No, No


(Competition Ė Find Out WHICH Hotels, 5 Points: Have you called any of the other hotels in our area?


My brother talked to a Days Inn and he said they were looking at about $80.  Iím not positive.


Is the first time you have planned an event like this in our area?


Yeah and itís really because my daughter will be gone for a little over 2 years and so it is important for her to see her grandparents and cousins.


(Budget, 5 Points): Sure, I can definitely understand that.  Do you guys have a budget you were trying to achieve for you guest room rate?


I donít have a budget.  I think we were just looking to find what we could afford.


Is each person going to pay for their own, Helen?


We talked about splitting it as a family and that would be the older siblings.  So, Iím not sure what the best way to do that is.  Whether we put it in one personís name and one credit card.  Iím not quite sure.


Well what we can do is, if you like, we can set it up to one master account  were we route all the charges to one master bill and then it would be up to you guys who footed the bill, whether you wanted to pay with one check or one credit card.  If you guys wanted me to set up a master account I can definitely do that.


Well that would probably make sense, wouldnít it and then we would be able to deal with that at the end of the weekend.


Would you provide a rooming list for reservations or would the guests call in for their reservations.


I suppose I will have an account of who will be there or not after Labor Day when we have a meeting. Iím not quite sure, it would be one or the other, well sure it would be one or the other.  Probably a list, probably I would be able to come up with everybody and if we talk to everybody and find out who is going to come that would probably be easier the having them call in. What do you think?


Either way is fine for me, I do both all the time so it is mostly what is convient for you.  I just want to accommodate and do what we can to make sure this is as easy as possible for you.


Okay well then when I talk to my family, we can decide how we want, if we have some people that donít know or canít say we until closer to the date, then weíll make that accommodation,


Helen, are you the decision maker of this group?


Oh, heavens no, I would never try it would be like herding ducks.  I am one of them but I am mostly just doing foot work and research to present, to let them know because this is kind of a big deal for the family.


(Needs Behind The Needs Uncovered, 5 Points): Helen, as the planner of this event is there anything specific you are looking for in a hotel.  I know you said you had said suites if available so you guys could have a gathering area and you were interested in local restaurants. Is there anything else you were specifically interested in?


I know that parking, a lot of us will be driving.  Those that arenít driving will be picked up at the airport. I know that for entertainment, exercise, etc if you had a pool, spa or gym something on the premise and I guess meal information, whether you provide breakfast or if you could give us a list of where to go.


Was there anything specific that the members of your group had asked for in a hotel when you were doing your planning, Helen?


I know that several of us like to keep up online with self employment issues, email and communication so I think internet was something that was requested.  Other then that we are pretty easy.


Helen, let me just recap the information Iíve taken here to make sure I have everything correct then I can check and see what kind of availability we might have for your group.  Right now I am calling your group the Haines Family Gathering, does that sound like a good group title to you? 




(Final Probe, 5 points): I have that your group is coming to the area November 22nd, 23rd, 24th 2006, thatís Wed, Thurs, Fri over Thanksgiving.  Looking or 12-15 rooms, possibly all non smoking with a variety of room types.  One of the hotels you called in the area is the Days Inn and they were trying to work with you at an $80.00 rate.  This is the first time you have planned an event like this so you were just trying to find the best available rate were you can book everything to be paid by a master account and you can provide a rooming list for reservations.  As the planner for this event some of the things you were looking for in a hotel is, suites if available so you guys can have a gathering place, local area restaurants, parking, entertainment, exercise, breakfast and internet access.  While I was reading the information back to you did anything else occur to you that I may not have mentioned, Helen?


No, not right at the moment.




Step 3, Supporting

(Delay Support Step Until the Caller & Manager Have a Clear, Mutual Understanding of Needs, 5 Points)


(Delays supporting, 5 Points):

(Acknowledges callerís needs, 5 points):


(Supporting Ė Offers General and targeted features, 8 points): Well let me tell you a few things about the hotel and then I will check on availability for you.  The first thing I will let you know is that I know you said suites were important to you so I will let you know that unfortunately our hotel all the rooms are standard size, we donít really have an suites available but we do have some rooms available that we call the 28th, which are some rooms that are a bit larger then the other rooms in the hotel.  They are still standard size but there is just a little bit more extra space in these rooms, so I would be more the; happy to see if I couldnít accommodate one of those rooms for you so you have at least one room that has a little bit of extra space for you guys to gather and sit around and chat.  That room would have a king size bed and a pullout sofa sleeper so with the sofa in the room it would have a living room sort of feel so you guys would be comfortable to sit around and visit with one another.

I know that you said you guys would like to be able to get together and just sit chat for awhile; we do have our lobby area which has tables and chairs available as well, as well as our swimming pool area that has tables and chairs available.   We have many different areas that you guys would be able to sit down and relax with one another and have conversation and just revisit and spend some time together.


That sounds good


I know that you said local restaurants are important to you as well so I will let you know we do have about a dozen different restaurants within our local area and about half of those are within walking distance of the hotel.  That includes a variety of fast food and sit down dining restaurant so you do have plenty of different restaurants options here in the are.  We actually have a list available at our front desk that gives the telephone numbers and location of all the different restaurant in the area.  Iíd be happy to provide you with that via email or via mail once we have come to an agreement about whether we are going to be able to accommodate your group

I know that you said you were interested in parking so I will let you know that our hotel does offer free parking for all of our guests.


(Throughout Support Step Asks Callerís Acceptance of Features & Benefits Described, 5 Points): So far Helen, how does this information sound to you?


(Asking for Acceptance): Sounds good.


Wonderful.  I know that you said entertainment was something that you were looking as far as for maybe something like a swimming pool or something like that in a hotel, so I will let you know we do have an indoor swimming pool, whirlpool and that is open everyday from 6am to 10pm.  I know that you said exercise was important to your family and I will let you know that we do offer a complimentary exercise facility the is open 24 hrs a day and that does have cardiovascular equipment in it and if you find that our facility is not quite as large as you what you guys were looking for we do have affiliations with a full size gym just 2 miles down the road form our hotel and all of our guest to get access for $3.00 if they show their room key.


How does that sound so far?


Sounds great.


Wonderful. I know that you said breakfast was important to you so I let you we do offer a complimentary hot breakfast buffet with over 40 items and that does include 3 hot items served each day.  So while your guests are here they could enjoy anything from biscuits and gravy, to sausage, eggs, waffles, French toast like I said we change our hot items each day to offer more variety.


Last but not least I know that you said internet access is important to you, so I will let you know that our guest rooms to offer free high speed internet access for all of your guests that do bring their laptops with them.


How does that sound so far Helen?


Sounds good


Just a few other things to let you know our guest rooms do feature free local phone calls, free HBO and all of our guest rooms do have a coffeemaker, irons, ironing boards and hair dryers and we back everything with a 100% Hampton guarantee.


Now Helen, with this information in mind, may I put you on hold for just a moment to check on our availability and rates?


Yes, that would be great.


Great, thank you, hold on just one moment.


Caller was placed on hold for:  1 minute 28 seconds


Are you still there Helen?


Yes I am,


Thank you so much for holding.  I checked on our availability and rates and it looks like I do have the rooms available you were looking for. I have a variety of room types available, both in smoking and non smoking so if there is anybody in your group that would prefer a smoking room I should be able to accommodate them.

Iím showing that our regular rate is running $99.00 plus tax, but since you guys are looking to book 12-15 rooms over those 3 dates I would be able to offer your group a discounted rate of $79.00 plus tax.



Step 4, Closing


(Transitional Statement, 2 Points): Now I know that we have the restaurants to accommodate your groups needs, we have the swimming pool, breakfast area, internet, exercise facility and all the great amenities we have to offer and I am hoping I met your budget by offering the rate of $79.00,


(ASK FOR THE SALE, 7 Points)): so I wanted to see if this is something you would be interested in arranging at this time?


(Objection from Caller) : You know I just need to run it past everybody.  It sounds wonderful, I canít really just say yes.


(Objection Statements/Work, 5 Points)): Sure, sure.  Is there anything I may have failed to mention about the hotel or area that might assist you with your decision?


I donít think so.  I think all I need to do is present it and talk to them, like I said we all are, most of us, well some of us are getting together and the rest will be talking over the Labor Day weekend.


Helen, if it would be helpful to you I would be more then happy to put tentative hold on these rooms (Ask For the Sale a Second Time, 3 Points): and then send you some information as to what our hotel has to offer to be able to present when you meet up with your family over Labor Day weekend.


What would that involve?


All I would need to do is take your address, email and telephone information and then I would just go ahead and tentatively hold these rooms.  There is no credit card or anything like that involved it is basically just setting these rooms aside until you have had time to talk to your family about these accommodations.  I know you said you would be meeting the weekend of Labor Day so generally what I do is try to set an option date on my proposal for about a week after the group has a chance to talk so that way you have a chance to mull over your decision and decide exactly what you want to do.  I would be more then happy to set these rooms aside tentatively until Sept 8th which is the Friday after Labor Day and then that way if you guys do decide you would like to book your group at our hotel then you have all the information available and all you have to do is give mea call and we can set up a group contract.


Is that something you might be interest in Helen?




What address can I put on file for your group, Helen?


4753 Eagleridge Dr Sioux Falls, SD 57104


And your daytime phone number?




And an email address where I can send you the information as far as the proposal to go over the details.




Let me just read back that information to make sure I got it correct, I have that as 4753 Eagleridge Dr Sioux Falls, SD 57104, telephone: 605-376-9567, email: Haines1@msn.com




(Repeat What Is Held and Additional Information, 4 Points): Great, Helen I am going to hold those 12 to 15, I am going to just hold 15 rooms for you on November 22nd, 23rd and 24th 2006, I will hold these rooms under the Haines Family gathering at a rate of $79.00.  I am going to put together that information and get that emailed over to you. If it is okay with you Iíd like to give you a call tomorrow afternoon just to make sure you received the information and to see if you had an questions that I might be able to answer for you.


What is a good time to call you tomorrow afternoon?


Itís not, tomorrow is not going to happen, I work.  Iíll be gone all the way until probablyÖ. Iím a visiting teacher right now and Iím probably not going to back home until the 27th.


Okay, so 8-27


Iím sorry, yeah that is Sunday but this is the end of my travel week.


(Next Step, 4 Points): So will you be available on Monday the 28th.


I will


What is a good time on that Monday that I can give you a quick buzz just to make sure you got that information?


Probably in the afternoon


So maybe 1pm in the afternoon


I think that will work.


Great. Helen, I am going to give you a quick call on Monday the 28th at 1pm just to follow up and make sure you received my email with the proposal information and to see if you have any additional questions that I might be able to assist you with.  Like I said, in the mean time I am going to hold those 15 rooms for you in November at the rate of $79.00


Did you have any other questions I might be able to assist you with today, Helen?


No, you did good. Thank you very much.


(Close Using Callerís Name, 2 Points): Thank you so much Helen it has been a pleasure speaking with you and I hope we can host your group at our hotel.


Okay, thanks


Thanks so much. Have a great day. Bye-Bye